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Our 1on1 coaching service is reserved for pro, semi-pro, and high level players - with the aim of preparing them to take the next step in their career. Not only will you receive in-depth individualised programs, but also 24/7 guidance by professionals that know what it takes to achieve ambitious goals. 

What's Included?

Speed, Strength, Power & Fitness Programming ALL Specific to Your Needs

Weekly Check-Ins & Accountability

Testing: Assess Strengths & Weaknesses

Technique Feedback on Lifting & Speed/Agility Drills

Technical Training Assistance

Nutrition Guidance

Why Choose Us?

Professional Experience

Over 5 years of working with professional and semi-professional footballers

We Get Results!

We only care about results. Train with us and start seeing real progress!


Masters Qualified

Holder of a Masters Degree in Strength & Conditioning

Membership Options

Short Term

Test out our programs with one block of training (minimum 3 weeks) & experience everything that we have to offer!

AUD $25 p/w

Medium Term

Work with us over several blocks of training (minimum 12 weeks) to receive more focussed progression over time. 

AUD $20 p/w

Long Term

Ambitious goals in football require detailed training over the long-term. Let us guide you throughout your whole season!

AUD $15 p/w

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Complete have been helping me a lot with individual training programs, as well as general advice on how to train as a footballer for over 5 months now. I recommend you look at their training programs and have a chat with them - it's really worth your money if you want to improve as a footballer.

- Ilias El Ghamarti

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